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Martina Wyss is a London based Swiss designer, 3D developer and entrepreneur. She graduated in 2014 at the London College of Fashion (UAL) and got awarded a BA (HONS) Cordwainers Design and Development Fashion Accessories. In 2014 Martina launched her fashion accessories brand Martina Wyss, willing to spread her dedication to the beautiful.

As a Swiss luxury fashion accessories brand based both in Zurich and London, Martina Wyss associates style, innovation and simple intelligence, sharing its love of nature and architecture through the fusion of craftsmanship expertise and a careful selection of most refined materials.

Made in the UK and Switzerland with Swiss certified materials, Martina Wyss high-end pieces offer longevity from ergonomically shapes with handcrafted finishing, incorporating plugging, moulding, hand-stitching and saddler technics.

Yearning for a mindful luxury lifestyle, Martina Wyss woman embraces contemporary zeitgeist through sustainable fashion, recalling an art of slow living to be found among the city landscape, a reminiscence of natural escapism.

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